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Sept 5, 2014
Congratulations choir member Harold Woodey on receiving your lifetime membership at Royal Canadian Legion Branch #66. We salute you sir!

Photograph courtesy of Ruth Andrews

Photograph courtesy of Ruth Andrews


Male Members of the public have always had a standing invitation to join the guys on any Wednesday rehearsal night, but now there are designated evenings every couple of months when you and other curious onlookers can join in our choral frivolity. We invite you join your section of choice (tenor 1, tenor 2, baritone or bass) and take us for a test drive. If you don’t know which section you belong to we will certainly point you in the right direction.

Children of the Corn OR Scarecrows for Hallowe'en - You be the judge

Children of the Corn OR Scarecrows for Hallowe’en – You be the judge.

For more information and to learn about future Open Rehearsal Evenings, please visit our facebook page. Don’t forget to LIKE US and share our page with your music loving friends. Click Here to open our facebook page in another browser window or click on the link to the right.


Our new CD “Tŷ ar y Mynydd” is now available for purchase.

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HOT OFF THE PRESSES, you can now purchase our new CD from by Clicking Here. We ship locally and internationally within days of purchase. The Songlist includes: Diolch i’r lor, Calon Lan, Forgarty’s Cove, Anthem, Men of Harlech, Working Man, Finlandia, Tŷ ar a Mynydd, Away from the Roll of The Sea, Blodwen, Hallelujah, Ride the Chariot, Gwahoddiad, I’se Weary, Divine Brahma, Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau.

Don’t forget that you can also send this CD as a gift to someone you love by using this amazon link.


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