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Yellow Rattle seed (Rhinanthus minor) Wild Flower Lawns and Meadows

As a DEFRA registered nursery we can legally sell Bulbs, Seeds and Plants. Our online shop is designed to help you find your plants. Please use the habitat selector which shows the most suitable habitat for each plant. All orders are sent with planting and management advice. We supply small private projects and larger habitat restoration schemes.

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Yellow Rattle (Rhinanthus minor) Yellow Rattle, also known as Hay Rattle, is an excellent wild flower that attaches itself to grass roots to help supress their growth, enabling wild flowers to flourish. Type. Plug Plant from £31.06 Seed Packet from £4.19.

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6 Plugs @ £22. 12 Plugs @ £40. Amphibious Bistort. Persicaria amphibia. Medium height native perennial pond plant with spikes of pink flowers May to September. Suitable for boggy areas as well as pond margins & deep water. Bare root or plugs - late March to September only. 3 Plants @ £12. 6 Plants @ £22.

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yellow rattle. approx 50 seeds: £3.29: approx 50 seeds. £3.29: 3 packets of approx 50 seeds. £7.50: Quantity: In stock. It is an attractive annual, with vibrant yellow flowers that provide summer colour and papery seedpods that rattle when the seed is ripe. Garden care: In autumn find a sunny spot with established grass or lawn (if you.

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Yellow Rattle plants for sale. I now have Yellow Rattle plant plugs for sale, click here to view them. Now is the time to start planting them to reduce the vigour and quantity of your grass to enable the spread of wild flowers within your lawn or meadow. I also have Yellow Rattle seed for sale, you can see this by clicking here.

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Wildflower plug plants for sale. Choose from our huge range of perennial wild flower species to create a beautiful meadow of British native wildflowers.. with bright yellow wildflowers, often streaked with red. The cluster of long seed pods looks like a bird's foot.. 150 Plug Plants (40cc) £150.00. 500 Plants (40cc) £465.00. Qty Buy Now.

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Yellow Rattle plugs can be forward ordered for delivery in April 2024. We recommend a planting density of 10 plugs per square metre.. 2023 harvest Yellow Rattle seed was harvested in early July 2023 and has now been thoroughly cleaned ready for sale, seeds will be sent out immediately. We recommend a sowing rate of 1g per square metre.

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Yellow rattle ( Rhinanthus minor) is an annual, completing its life cycle in one year. In early spring the seeds germinate and grow quickly. As their roots develop underground they seek out the roots of plants growing nearby, especially grasses. Once contact is made the yellow rattle draws water and nutrients from them, suppressing the growth.

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Available Now. Yellow Rattle, also known as Hay Rattle, is a parasitic plant that can weaken grass. Annual species. 40cc plugs. Title. 25 Plugs. 50 Plugs. 150 Plugs. £4525£45.25.

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Yellow Rattle Seed (2023 Harvest) from £400from £4.00. Add to cart. Yellow Rattle Plug Plants | Rhinanthus minor. from £4525from £45.25. Recently viewed.

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Plant up to five plugs per square metre. Delay planting if the soil is dry, hard or frozen. Water the plugs before planting. To remove the individual plug plants push them up and out using the hole in the bottom of each cell. Once planted keep the plants watered during their first few weeks. The most common losses are caused by the plugs drying.

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Yellow Rattle Seeds (Rhinanthus minor) $20.55. Control Weedy Grasses Naturally. Dubbed the "meadow maker" in the UK, yellow rattle is an amazing hemi-parasitic annual plant that weakens grasses through haustoria (root-like structures that attach themselves to the roots of grasses -- robbing them of nutrients).

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Yellow Rattle plugs will be available from late March or April to late May when they should be planted straight out into your lawn or meadow; cut your grass low first and remove the cuttings before planting. Stocks do run out fairly quickly in the spring and so advance ordering is a good idea. Yellow Rattle seed is also available which is.

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Yellow Rattle seed (Rhinanthus minor) Yellow Rattle, also known as Hay Rattle, is a pretty wild flower that attaches to grass roots and suppresses their growth enabling wild flowers to flourish in grass lawns and meadows. These pretty Yellow Rattle wild flowers do a great job weakening and reducing grass competition for wild flowers in open.