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Sulfuric Acid, 18 Molar, 30 ml. $7.45. This 30 ml bottle of sulfuric acid is a concentrated 18 Molar solution. Find the sulfuric acid formula, hazards of sulfuric acid, the density of sulfuric acid & more below! Corrosive and poison; read warning labels carefully.. quantity.

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Sulphuric acid is a colourless, odourless liquid that is highly soluble in water. As a strong acid, it is capable of fully ionising in water to release a high concentration of hydrogen ions (H+), making it a powerful acid in aqueous solutions. With the molecular formula H2SO4, sulphuric acid is strong-smelling, heavy, and viscous.

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Sulfuric acid can be obtained by dissolving sulfur trioxide in water. Physical properties Grades of sulfuric acid. Although nearly 100% sulfuric acid solutions can be made, the subsequent loss of SO 3 at the boiling point brings the concentration to 98.3% acid. The 98.3% grade, which is more stable in storage, is the usual form of what is.

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The health risks posed by sulfuric acid are significant. Exposure can occur through inhalation, skin contact, or ingestion, each with its own set of hazards. Inhalation of sulfuric acid fumes can cause respiratory problems and damage to the mucous membranes. Skin contact with sulfuric acid can lead to severe burns and ulceration.

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Buy Concentrated Sulfuric Acid 93% (92-94%) Lab Grade, also known as Mattling Acid or Oil of Vitriol. For the creation of other essential acids, detergents, pigments and dyes. About Sulfuric Acid 93% Solution, Lab Grade This chemical compound is categorized as an inorganic acid with a very low pH, which requires precaution before using it as.

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Sulfuric acid is a corrosive, viscous, hygroscopic, water-soluble, strong diprotic acid; dehydrating/oxidizing properties at high concentrations; various reagent grades; used in chemical manufacturing, mineral processing, oil refining, drug production, etc.

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Buy Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Online, for chemistry labs, educational use, drains, batteries, pools, toilets, plants and lawns.. Sulfuric Acid is an essential chemical due to its numerous applications; it can be utilized as a raw material or processing agent. Read More > Sulfuric Acid Concentrated Offerings at Lab Alley Lab Alley has.

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Sulfuric acid (H2SO4) is commonly used in educational and research labs for various purposes due to its strong acidic properties. 2.0 out of 5 stars Read the % before you buy. Reviewed in the United States on August 22, 2023. Verified Purchase. My bad I chose a $2 price difference over the volume. I could have gotten a 1 liter for $2 more.

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Product number 339741 represents sulfuric acid. The only 'mineral' present is sulfur. Any compounds used in the production or purification of this product would be considered proprietary. To address the question in reference to 'Sulfonic acid', this is a functional group and does not occur naturally.

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Northstar's Sulfuric Acid Products. Northstar Chemical provides Sulfuric acid primarily as 93%, 50%, or 36%, however, we also can provide 98%. Northstar offers sulfuric acid in bulk and mini-bulk. Please contact us to discuss your needs or to get additional info on our Mini-Bulk Tank Loan Program for this product.

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