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The ideal line strength usually depends on the weight being cast and the roughness of the fishing ground, rather than the size of the fish. 18-30lb line is commonly used for beach casting in the UK due to the large lead weights we use. If your leads are over 4/5oz, lines of 20lb or under need a shock leader really to prevent your line from.

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Lure fishing rigs & when to use them; Sea fishing starter kit; Surf casting Menu Toggle. 1. Choosing a beachcasting rod; 2. Choosing a beachcasting reel; 3. Choosing sea fishing line. Beach casting is a shore fishing method for casting far, holding baits to the bottom and landing larger species. Fish like like conger, huss & rays.

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Lure fishing rigs & when to use them; Sea fishing starter kit; Surf casting Menu Toggle. 1. Choosing a beachcasting rod; 2. Choosing a beachcasting reel; 3. Choosing sea fishing line; 4. Sea fishing baits explained. The thing with choosing beach casting reels and many other fishing products, is that there is a ridiculous amount of choice and.

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What are the best beach fishing rigs for beginners? The 5 best beach fishing rigs for beginners are: Carolina rig. Fish finder rig. Knocker rig. 3 way swivel rig. Pompano rig. We'll go over the strengths and weaknesses of each of these beach fishing rigs below, so you can decide which one is best for you.

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60lb breaking strain line for rig body - Trace Builder 60lb Clear Rig Body Line is a good choice for making sea fishing rigs. 15 - 30lb b.s. memory-free line (for hook snoods) - Amnesia Snood Line is an excellent memory free line and is popular with UK anglers, as is WSB Specimen Mono. 10lb breaking strain line for weak links.

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Distance Rigs. When fishing an open, sandy beach it is often necessary to cast long distances in order to place a bait amongst the feeding fish. An easy way of adding distance to casts is simply to clip down baits behind an impact shield as this creates a more aerodynamic and streamlined rig which also protects baits when they make impact with.

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Fishing World's Patrick Brennan demonstrates the tying of popular beach fishing rigs. Proudly presented by Jarvis Walker.

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What fishing rigs are the best for beach fishing? What kind of fishing bait should I use? How do I target the bigger fish? In this tutorial, I will answer.

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Basic Beachcasting Tactics. SeaAngler Editor. 12 June 2008 / 08:37 GMT+0100. At the very heart of shore angling success is the ability to cast a bait out past the raging surf, and keep it there. For many, casting is a major stumbling block, so a later chapter will deal with the styles and techniques needed to attain greater distances.

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This is a simple guide to three must-know beach fishing rigs for beginners that you can easily make yourself. 1. Fish Finder Rig. The fish finder rig is a versatile setup that sinks your line to the bottom, but allows your bait to swim naturally in the water column. Of all beach fishing rigs for beginners, this is the most popular.

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Tie a dropper loop about 3 feet from the end of the line and tie a simple loop knot at the end. Tie your hooklength to the dropper loop, just like with a flapper rig. Then tie about 5 inches of 10lbs mono above the loop knot using a uni-knot and slide it down. Attach the weight to the other end of the thin line.

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KEY STEPS TO BETTER CASTING. Pick a spot in the sky where you want the sinker to go, then take up a natural stance relative to that target. Check the sinker drop and prepare the reel. Turn away from the water, lay out the sinker and set the rod position. Turn back to the sea and focus on the mid-air target.

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Rigs. Your choice of rig links directly back to the previous column on finding and reading beaches. Let's keep it simple and break beach rigs into two simple types: a paternoster and a running sinker rig. A paternoster rig has the sinker at the bottom of the rig on a trace leading up to a three-way swivel. The mainline attaches to the top eye.

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There are three simple types of sea fishing set up. 1. A beach casting set up. Beach casters are 11ft+ and are designed for casting a long distance. They can be used to catch bigger fish like conger, but most often the power of the rod is needed for the size of weights you have to use in much of the UK.

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A beachcaster is typically a beach rod that is used from the shore for sea fishing. Beach casters can range from 12′ to 16′ in length and designed to cast 4 - 8oz leads a long distance.. Shock leader's are a length of line that is designed to absorb the pressure of casting heavy weights and rigs. Just imagine, the pressure put on.

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Learn how to tie the most successful beach fishing rig that can catch a variety of seafish in different conditions. This video will show you the materials, knots and tips you need to make this.