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Open your hot tub access panel to access the heater and pump unions. Loosen them slightly to allow any water within to drain away. If your hot tub has multiple unions, repeat this process for each one. 5. Attach a garden hose to the drain valve and open the valve.

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It is twice as fast as the Superior Pump 91250, meaning that this sump pump can empty a hot tub in literally minutes. For example, it can drain the average-sized swimming pool (18,000 gallons) in less than 6 hours! This pump doesn't have too many drawbacks really, apart from the high price.

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Pump Marvel will drain a hot tub down to 1/8″ in less than 20 minutes. Pump Marvel is $49.99 and includes a 12′ expandable 1 1/4″ (sump pump) discharge hose that is much easier to store than traditional hoses. Pump Marvel will also accept a 1 1/2″ pool hose.

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Another fast method for draining a hot tub is using a wet/dry vacuum to get a siphon started. Drop one end of a long vacuum hose into the spa, and connect the other end to the wet/dry vacuum. Turn it on for a few seconds - just long enough to let the hose prime and get the flow moving. Turn off the vacuum, and quickly disconnect the hose so the.

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The Superior Pump 91250 is an ideal choice for a hot tub. It is a reliable and durable pump, constructed from corrosion-resistant thermoplastic, and will pump up to 1800 gallons per hour. It has a 1/4 HP motor and 10-foot power cord, which is fine as long as your spa is not too far away from a power source. Plus, it's very affordable as sump.

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Water Transfer Pump, 115V 330 Gallon Per Hour - Portable Electric Utility Pump with 6' Water Hose Kit - To Remove Water From Garden, Hot Tub, Rain Barrel, Pool, Ponds, Aquariums, and More. 5,827. 1K+ bought in past month. $4999. List: $69.99. FREE delivery Thu, Apr 18. Or fastest delivery Wed, Apr 17.

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Step 7: Refill the hot tub. But wait! Make sure you've disconnected the hose and tightly closed all valves and plugs. Then refill the tub, making sure it doesn't overflow. Add bromine or chlorine, let the sanitizer disperse in the water, and enjoy! Originally Published: June 07, 2023. Author.

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STEP 3: Connect the Garden Hose to the Sump Pump. Attach the garden hose to the sump pump's water intake valve by inserting it directly into the valve. Use hose clamps to secure the garden hose in place. Use an adjustable wrench to tighten the hose clamps to ensure they don't come loose once you drain the water from the hot tub.

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Locate the drain spigot on the hot tub. Turn the hot tub off and connect the hose to the spigot. Position the hose so that the water will flow into a drain or an inconspicuous area. Open the valve on the spigot. Once the hot tub is drained, use a wet/dry vacuum to empty the remainder of the water.

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STEP 3: Drain the hot tub. Place the submersible pump into the deepest part of the hot tub and turn it on to begin pumping water out of the tub. Check to make sure that the water is draining to.

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Is it worth it to drain your hot tub with a PUMP instead of using the 'gravity method'? Let's drain hot tub with submersible pump to see how quick it is.🎥 E.

How To Drain A Hot Tub With A Sump Pump Drain Pump Submersible For Draining Hot Tubs Wayne

Here's how I saved 2 hours draining and refilling this 390-gallon hot tub using a Superior Pump 1/4 hp pump. Shows the full steps to drain and refill, and ho.

How To Drain Hot Tub Without Pump? (The Ultimate Guide) Yard Life Master

Grab a 5-gallon (20-liter) bucket and fill it nearly to the brim with water. Add the dose of hot tub filter cleaner to the bucket of water (according to the product instructions). Give the water a swish to dilute the cleaner, and submerge the filter. Leave it to soak for 24 hours.

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Place the pump in the hot tub and attach a drainage hose to the pump's outlet port. Run the drainage hose to a suitable location where the water can safely be released. Ensure the pump is fully submerged in the water and turn it on. Let the pump run until all the water has been removed from the hot tub.

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Buy Hot Tub Spa Draining Pump with 10ft ClearView Suction Hose - 120V electric water transfer utility pump:. Great little pump. Used it to drain my hot tub faster than using gravity. Read the warnings, don't run it dry! Firmly attach the suction hose (tighten it well) and then fill that thing up with water all the way to the pump before.

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Aquapro Automatic On/Off 3000 GPH Swimming Pool Cover Water Removal Pump 1/4 HP. Simple Installation for Quick Setup. Oil-Free Designs for the Eco Minded User. Can be used to drain a pool cover or pool. Massive Base with Wheels protects against jamming from leaves and debris and keeps the pump upright. $149.21.