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Active Brake Assist can help you to minimise the risk of a collision with vehicles, cyclists or pedestrians or to reduce the effects of such a collision. If Active Brake Assist has detected a risk of collision, a warning tone sounds and the distance warning lamp lights up. In the Assistance menu, an insufficient distance to the vehicle in front.

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After 1 week of ownership with less than 600 miles on the clock. Driving in rain for over an hour. stopped at an intersection and the yellow light in the dash lit up. In the dashboard display it showed "Active Brake Assist Functions Limited". When I went to the settings menu in the center screen it says Active Brake Assist unavailable.

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A damaged sensor is to blame is the most common cause of the problem. Active brake assist is a feature found in most Mercedes models. Its purpose is to reduce the risk of collisions by issuing a warning when a potential collision is detected. If the driver responds to the warning by applying the brakes, the system enhances the braking power.

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One of the new safety technologies you'll find in a growing number of European and Asian vehicles is Brake Assist (or BAS for Brake Assist System). The technology actually was invented more than a decade ago, and was first used back in 1996 on Mercedes S-Class and SL-Class cars. In 1998, Mercedes made Brake Assist standard on all of its models.

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Taking a look at the official Mercedes footage of the new Mercedes C-Class 2022, and in this video you can see the ACTIVE BRAKE assist system in action. MORE.

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As stated earlier, in most cases, Active Brake Assist Functions Limited means the brake assist 'sensor' at the front of the car is dirty and, therefore, can't sense distances to the object at the front. It is a common fault for Mercedes-Benz cars when there is snow. Try clearing the snow from the front of the vehicle and the windshield.

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Ive got the Brake Assist malfunction warning as the front bumper is missing so i guess the Brake Assist - Module / sensor is part of the bumper. Location Finland Your Mercedes W212/-09/350CDI, W219/-07/320CDI, EX:W220/-01/320CDI, EX:W211/-04/320CDI, EX:W210/-01/270CDI

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Nov 17, 2019. #1. I have a 2019 Sprinter 2500 with the Active Braking Assist Radar Sensor which is mounted in the center of the bumper above the license plate. I have a front carry hitch and a light bar mounted above the license plate which blocks this sensor. Has anyone successfully relocated this sensor?


The emergency brake assist in the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class (2017) can help the driver to avoid a collision when inattentive. In the "Veritasium meets Merced.

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Active Brake Assist functional scope currently restricted - see owner's manual. Note: The ABA control unit (A108 - Active Brake Assist (ABA)) may contain one of the following DTCs - C163691 - C174AFB - C174AFA Cause Transport or production mode is active and/or ABA sensor engagement monitor active. Remedy

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Since 2021, Active Brake Assist has been standard equipment on all new Mercedes-Benz car models. This means high internal safety demands exceeded legal requirements: so-called city emergency brake assist systems for low-speed driving have only been mandatory for all types of newly approved passenger cars in the EU since July 2022.

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Location London Car Mercedes C Class C220d SE. Hi all, The last two days I was getting a warning on the dash 'Active Brake Assist Functions limited'. A search on the internet led me to believe someone may have stolen a sensor from behind the front Mercedes badge.

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Jun 8, 2022. #1. Both the "ACTIVE BRAKE ASSIST FUNCTION LIMITED" and the "ACTIVE DISTANCE ASSIST INOPERATIVE" warnings are becoming routine. Of course several systems are affected. Most of these systems I'd rather not have anyway, but I would like to have an operating cruise control. The latest systems failure occurred on a dry, blue sky day.

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Hi, Mine says Active Brake Assist Functions Limited, Car was bought with light front damage but with front bumper and cant really say what's missing. It is not the sensor in Mercedes-Benz star in the middle of the grille, I have found one spare plug/wire and have no idea what it is for. Plug is same as the photo above.

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How to do Removal & Installation of the COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST sensor on Mercedes-Benz Cars. (C117 - CLA-Class), (W156 - GLA-Class), (W176 - A-Class), (.