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The Singer 15-91 in the photo on the left was built in 1953, according to the Singer machine serial numbers lookup (for double letter prefixes). It was fully functional, with a rebuilt "potted" motor. This Singer 15-91 is capable of sewing cloth and Denim fabrics to over 5/16" thick with the standard foot. This includes materials like Sunbrella.

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The easiest way to confirm if your badged machine is a Jones C.S. is to look for the large screw head on top of the arm between the two spool pins. Jones Family C.S. Serial No. 5155. An early example of the Jones Family C. S. machine probably manufacturered in 1894. It has the Patent number 6668 and Patent date March 29th 1893 stamped on the.

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Serial Numbers. 221 Serial Numbers; 221K Serial Numbers; 221J Serial Numbers; 222K Serial Numbers; For Sale. Machines; Spares & Accessories; Industrial Models. Introduction;. The Jones Sewing Machine Co. Ltd. started life in the town of Audenshaw, just east of Manchester and now next to the M60. In 1859, William and his brother John of.

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Jones Medium CS sewing machines, were commonly produced as treadle machines. Approximately 180.000 machines being produced until WWII. Based on the comparison of their decals with the Jones Family CS sewing machines and serial number progression, we can only assume Medium CS were first produced between 1896 and 1898.

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Here you can look up your serial number and find out when your Singer Sewing Machine was made as well as identify what model you have. International Sewing Machine Collectors' Society The purpose of the International Sewing Machine Collectors' Society is to foster the collecting of, and research into, sewing machines.

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Jones Family C.S. Serial No. 5155 An early example of the Jones Family C. S. machine probably manufacturered in 1894. It has the Patent number 6668 and Patent date March 29th 1893 stamped on the front slide plate. The inspection cover on the needlebar is engraved with "Jones Sewing Machine Comp'y Limited" and bears the Company's' Gryphon Trade.

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Location: Sonora, CA 95370. Esperience: At least 1 year. Viking Sewing Gallery is an independent lease department located inside of the Jo-Ann Fabrics. The Viking Sewing Gallery is owned and operated by SVP Worldwide, the world's largest sewing machine manufacturer, selling the brands of Singer, Husqvarna Viking and Pfaff.

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Serial numbers, first required by the federal Gun Control Act of 1968, are intended to prevent illegal gun sales and make it easier to solve crimes by allowing individual guns to be traced.

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William Jones started making sewing machines in 1859, and in 1860 formed a partnership with Thomas Chadwick. Trading as Chadwick & Jones they manufactured sewing machines at Ashton-under-Lyne. This partnership was short lived and in January 1864 Thomas Chadwick joined Bradbury & Co. In 1869 William Jones opened a factory in Guide Bridge Nr.

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The Jones Sewing Machine Company was a British manufacturer of sewing machines founded in 1860 by William Jones and Thomas Chadwick under the name Chadwick and Jones, which later became known as the Jones Sewing Machine Company. The company produced sewing machines for almost 100 years, before being acquired by Brother Industries in 1968..

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The Jones Medium CS needle has a flat shank with the flat and shank diameter very nearly identical to those of the common 15x1 (= 705H or HAx1 or 2020) needle. Mine is marked 1 in two places on the shank and is approximately size 14/80. Dimensions of the Jones Medium CS needle are (lengths should be good to about +/-0.2 mm) Overall length 41.9 mm.

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Jones No. 35 Serial No. M18100. This machine was probably produced around 1937. The Japanning is chipped on the bed and the decals are slightly worn. This example has a 1/30 h.p. Jones motor controlled by a foot pedal, the motor also incorporates a needle point light. The machine came complete with manual and a leaflet for electrifying Jones.

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Posts: 5,048. Is there a way of finding out how old a Jones Sewing machine is? I have found a lovely Jones machine in a charity shop. There were 2 actually, one was the Jones machine and the other was a Singer. As I already had an old Singer I thought I would have the Jones instead this time round. It is a lovely machine and is in full working.

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The Rise and Fall of the First American Patent Thicket: The Sewing Machine War of the 1850s. Adam Mossoff. 2009. See Full PDF Download PDF.. Even the absolute quantity of late-nineteenth-century patent cases bears comparison to the numbers filed in recent years: the Southern District of New York in 188o would have ranked third on the list of.

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I recorded only few serial numbers of this sewing machines and consequently is very hard to date them. The last serial number is # 52.077, a transverse shuttle machine, copy of Singer Family 12, shown at the web-site; as well, has a few good examples of this nice machines that deserve to be seen.

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