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Read more. The JCB 8008 Mini Excavator, manufactured from 2006 to 2010, has a weight of 0.95 tons and a transport length of 2.68 meters, a transport width of 0.7 meters, and a transport height of 2.31 meters. It has a track width of 180 HP and a maximum bucket capacity of 0.02 U/min.

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A 2,000-pound mini excavator, which some call a micro mini excavator, can dig up to 6 feet deep and is perfect for small landscaping jobs or digging close to a structure. For slightly larger jobs such as grading and leveling a patio or walkway, opt for a 3,000-4,000-pound excavator, which can dig about 7 to 8 feet deep.

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Midi Excavator. 6-10 tons. Midi or mid-sized excavators are a good choice for those who work in small spaces but need more reach and power than a mini excavator can provide. Midis can also be used on more standard projects like building construction and landscaping while still providing the advantage of increased maneuverability thanks to.

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A mini digger is also referred to as a mini-excavator and is similar to a standard excavator, except it quite literally is just a bit smaller. They come in the option of tracked or wheeled and weigh up to 20,000 pounds. An excavator which weighs more than this is often considered as just a standard excavator and this is what it is referred to as.

Used mini diggers for sale

Their width varies by model and manufacturer, typically ranging from 3 to 6 feet. This size variance allows them to pass through standard doorways and navigate residential or commercial spaces effortlessly. Consequently, choosing a mini digger with the appropriate width is crucial for the intended tasks. Balancing Compactness and Capability.

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Most mini excavators are small enough to pass between parked vehicles, fence openings, and even doorways. They are incredibly narrow, making them easier to transport in tight spaces. The cab itself is often only around 2 feet wide, and the total weight of the entire machine is just over 3 tons. Of course, their width varies by model.

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The Bobcat E35 compact (mini) excavator, with its 25 hp engine, is a popular choice in the 3-ton size class, while the 33-hp Bobcat E35 compact (mini) excavator brings upgraded performance, enhanced productivity and even more usable power to the 3.5-ton size class. Zero tail swing provides unrestricted rotation, improved flexibility and.

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Caterpillar offers nearly two dozen CAT mini excavators that range in size from 1 to 10 metric tons and come in standard or compact radius (CR mini) models. The smallest models offer 13 horsepower engines and a digging depth of more than 5½ feet. The biggest engine mini hydraulic excavators can give you nearly 70 hp of net power and the.

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Yanmar's SV08-1D is its smallest mini excavator coming in at just 2,348 lbs. The SV08-1D has a maximum width of 2 ft, 9 in., a folding ROPS and an ultra-tight tail swing to tackle the most confined jobsites — particularly indoors. "The design intent for the SV08-1D was indoor renovation. With the folding ROPS and adjustable track width.

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At the top end of the mini excavator spectrum, larger models can get as wide as 1750mm. Sub 2m wide models crown the range. Again, these are the expanded widths. Equipped With an Undercarriage Retraction Mode. When limited access spaces stymy a mini digger, the operator stops the excavator. The next move is to shrink the track width, to make.

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A compact excavator with zero tailswing, ideal for working in tight places. 980: 1,330 : 19C-1 Greater tearout and lift capacity in an equally compact model. 980: 1,330: 19C-1E The industry's first fully electric mini excavator with zero emissions at the point of use. 980: 1,330 : 8025 ZTS A mid-sized mini excavator with the added safety of ZTS.

Used mini diggers for sale

The ¾ tonne mini digger is designed to fit through standard gateways and doorways with its narrow width of 30 inches (76 cm). This compact size makes it perfect for hard-to-reach areas, such as backyards and narrow side passages. Despite its small stature, it is capable of digging to a depth of 1.8 meters (5.9 feet).

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Before you hire one, it is important to learn what they can and cannot do. Here are some of the things a mini digger can help you perform. Digging Holes and Trenches. A mini digger is primarily an earthmoving machine. The mini digger is of different uses, as there are 1.5 ton mini digger and other digger types used based on needs.

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Coming in a range of sizes spanning approximately 2,000-22,500 lbs, mini excavators vary greatly in size, maximum dig depth, maximum dump height, and engine power. The specific features you choose to prioritize for your project will determine which model is best for your team. This article serves as a complete mini excavator spec guide.

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1- to 2-Ton Mini Excavator (2,000-4,000 lbs) Mini excavators that weigh between one and two tons are still relatively compact, but they come with some additional power and digging capacity. Most brands have mini excavators in this size, and, for many, it's the smallest size they offer. Bobcat is one popular brand that offers many different.

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Micro Excavators: Less than 1 ton, usually under 28 inches wide. Mini Excavators: 1-4 tons, typically 28-40 inches wide. Compact Excavators: 4-6 tons, often 40-55 inches wide. The operating weight class can determine the space needed for operation and transport. Always choose according to job site requirements.