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Here's an example of how we work out your net curtain measurements in the shop: Window drop 142cm, and width 183cm. We would recommend choosing the 140cm drop. Window width 183 cm x 2 (double fullness) = 366cm. You need 3.66m of net curtain at 140cm drop. We'd round this up to 3.7m of net curtain fabric.

CurtainsDirect2U What is curtain gather or fullness and how much gather / fullness do I need?

Watch our informative how to guide, which shows you how to measure net curtains. Our quick and easy, step by step visual guide helps you learn how to measure.

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This weeks post describes the hardest part of making simple gathered curtains - measuring and calculating. Determining the finished and unfinished curtain dimensions is vital to 1) determining how much material to buy and 2) creating any type of curtain. Once that's done, the actual construction of the curtain is quite easy.

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Measure the width and drop in the exact same way, but once you have your width measurement divide this by two and then use these two measurements separately when entering into our website for gather options and prices. For example, a 100cm wide window would be halved to 50cm and this would be the number to enter in our calculator, you would.

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And select the gather you would like. Our curtain calculator will work out the net curtain fabric width automatically for you. If you already have nets and you know what the fabric width is for example 300cm - if you select Gather = 1 We will make the curtains so the fabric width is also 300cm so it will be the same as your original curtain.

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1.5 times. 2 times. 2.5 times. 3 times. To achieve the gathered effect you notice at the top of most net curtains, the net needs to be wider than the track. This extra fabric is then either bunched up on the wire or rod (if the curtain has a slot top), or pleated up (if the curtain has a pencil pleat heading).

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left: 2.5 times gather. right: 3 times gather. Top tip: If you have existing net curtains that you are happy with the fullness/gather of, and you want the new net to be exactly the same size, then measure the width of the net itself. When you place your order be sure to select '1 times' in the 'select gather' section and you will receive the.


Without gather a net curtain would just be a flat piece of material across the window. Twice the window width is generally the recommended amount of gather, two and a half times will give a fuller look. Once the window width has been measured, decide whether x1.5, x2, x2.5 or even 3 times the gather is required before ordering. Our net curtain.

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To measure your window for net curtains, follow these simple steps: Measure the width of your window from the outside of the frame on one side to the outside of the frame on the other side. Measure the drop (length) of your window from the top of. the frame to your desired curtain length, which can be just below the windowsill, to the floor, or.

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2. Subtract 1-2 in (2.5-5.1 cm) for the curtains to hang close to the window. Take 1-2 in (2.5-5.1 cm) off the length of the window recess to allow the net curtains to hang straight and against the window. They will hang with a little space at the bottom so they don't bunch up against the window sill at all. [5]

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1. Price: the smaller pair is going to be cheaper and we all have a limit to our budgets, so this might be the deciding factor for you. 2. Fabric: if your curtains are a light-weight, fine voile then they will need a little extra gather in order to look full. If you've chosen a heavy, woven fabric then you might not want the extra bulk.

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When we speak of 'gather' or 'fullness' we are talking about the finished width of your curtain, including the soft folds that you will traditionally see nets, voiles and curtains have. This means the curtain does not lie flat against the window or door, although this is something you can choose to have. To create these folds we use.

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So, if you are having curtains with a gathered valance, our experience has taught us that for the best results, you should aim for the curtains to have a fullness ratio of 2.0 - 2.5 times the rail width and the valance to have a fullness of around 2.5 - 3.0 times the rail width. As a general rule of thumb it is usually advisable to have at.

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3. Measuring Your Curtain Drop/Length. Measure your window drop in inches. This should be the length from the top of your window to where you would like the bottom of your net to sit rounded to the nearest size we have. For example, if you measure your drop and it is 47" in length you would round this up to 48".

CurtainsDirect2U What is curtain gather or fullness and how much gather / fullness do I need?

Making a fullness adjustment. If there is a mismatch, you can use the figures from your curtain fullness calculation to reduce the number of drops, like this: Window one: 138 x 3 = 414 / 238 = 1.7 fullness. Window two: 138 x 2 = 276 / 150 = 1.8 fullness. This is a closer match, but with less fullness in both of the curtains.

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4.Calculating the Curtain Width. To calculate the width of your net curtains, you'll need to use a formula. Take the width measurement of your window and multiply it by 1.5. This will give you the total width of the curtains you need to order. For example, if your window is 48 inches wide, you would multiply 48 by 1.5 to get 72 inches.