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Find the best front yard fences below. 1. Modern Horizontal Wood Fence. Horizontal wood fences have become a popular option for modern houses because the design adds a novel touch of style. Oftentimes, the horizontal wood fence accents the house by sharing structural elements like wooden beams or wooden window frames.

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Maite Granda. Driveways that point directly at the house is an ideal setup for a fence. This is an opportunity to frame the path towards the front door, and in essence, frame the house, too. It can be done with a beloved white picket fence or even something more colorful. Continue to 2 of 30 below. 02 of 30.

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Ranch Style Wood Fence - this is otherwise regarded as the split rail or the post and rail. Having two to four rails would cost $3 to $9 per linear foot for the materials only. It would cost $400 to $1,200 for 100′ fencing and about $2,500 to $8,000 for enclosing a simple square acre that is about 830′.

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This style is quick to install and, as fences go, cheap. Back- and side yard fences are usually installed without gaps, but in front yards this style appears more inviting when installed with gaps up to 4" between vertical boards. A Yardzen design with a wooden horizontal board front yard fence.

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Or perhaps you're looking for a backyard barrier to keep critters out of your garden or a privacy fence to quell the curiosity of nosy neighbors, click on to find one that's right for your yard. HGTV's landscape and hardscape pros share 50 gorgeous fences in a variety of materials, from wood pickets to wrought iron, stucco and modern glass.

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If you feel your home could use a bit of eye-catching reinforcement, now is the perfect time to cast your gaze outward. See more about - 61 Grass Free Yard Ideas. 1. Wood Inspiration. Natural wood is a beautiful material for front yard fences and one of the most popular types of fencing available.

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9. Chain-Link Fence. Photo Credit: Mattinbgn / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 3.0. Chain-link is an inexpensive fencing option that adds an extra level of security to your home. While this fence won't make your front yard private, it's effective for keeping wild animals out and pets or small children in your yard.

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42 Exterior Color Schemes for Every Architectural Style. Simple horizontal boards make a classic ranch-style fence that provides a low barrier between a small front yard and the street. Fence panels stained brown blend with the landscape and tie the fence visually to the brown of the porch steps.

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Installing a front yard fence offers several benefits, including enhanced curb appeal, increased privacy, improved security, and better delineation of property boundaries. It can also provide a safe enclosure for children or pets to play. Assess your specific needs and goals to determine the benefits that are most important to you.

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Choosing a front-yard fence should be a calculated decision — a fence changes the way your home is seen, affects the layout of the landscaping and lasts, typically, the life of your home.. Contrasting materials can help each individual part stand out, making a statement with both house and fence design. Shown:.

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Fabulous front yard fence ideas to surround your outdoor space. From traditional picket fences to ornate designs, these looks are sure to pep up your front yard landscaping, whatever style you're going for. 1. Combine metal with brickwork. This fence has an elegant look.

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Your fence doesn't have to be made of just one thing. So if you're struggling to choose between wood, stone, and stucco, pick all three. Line your fence with stucco on one side and wood on the other, and separate them with a stone column. Then, use your gate to bring your front yard together. 06 of 21.

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To the right of the home, this front yard fence is placed on top of a short concrete wall, which prevents water run-off and erosion. The same fencing is used in front of the landscaped area, level with the ground. The intentional change in elevation for the fence creates a layered look and helps the front yard hardscape look more dynamic.

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A house fence commonly refers to a fence that surrounds either the backyard of a house or a fence surrounding the entire house. A house fence often includes a full privacy fence in the backyard. Along with an optional fence in front of the house that may or may not be full height. House fences vary widely in terms of style and materials of.

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28. Woven fence. Photo: African Studio / Adobe Stock. Woven fences can be made of sticks, like a wattle fence, or something more intricate, like a basket weave fence. Either way, they bring movement and a natural aesthetic to your front yard and help welcome visitors with an unconventional but gorgeous fence. 29.

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The steel fence complements the stunning Mediterranean-style landscaping in this front yard. This style is very Mediterranean and rustic looking. It seems so easy and attractive that you wouldn't think twice about it. This stunning fence was designed by XANADU GROUP and depicted the Mediterranean style, perfect for a front yard.