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We offer the highest quality aquarium plants that grow with ️ in California. Our Aquatic Plants are harvested the same day we ship. Fresh from our farm! Learn More. APF Farm-direct Aquatic Plants • Tropical & Hardy Water Lilies • Taiwan Shrimp • Live Arrival Guarantee • Aquarium & Pond Plants • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Our list includes large retailers, like Amazon and Wayfair, which have hundreds of different types of fake plants in a mix of price ranges, as well as smaller retailers, like Rustic Reach, which works directly with vendors to source unusual varieties.

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2. BEGONDIS 14 Pcs Artificial Green Seaweed. BEGONDIS 14 Pcs Artificial Green Seaweed Water Plants, Fish Tank Aquarium. GORGEOUS COLOR --- The Life-like BEGONDIS soft plastic water plant is made from a vibrant bright. NATURAL ENVIRONMENT --- Your fish will enjoy the environment that these plants provide.

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Set of 2 Large Faux Fern Aquarium Plants - 12 Inch Tall Orange and Purple Realistic Looking Artificial Plants for Fish Tank Décor (6.6k) $ 9.99. FREE shipping Add to Favorites 10 PACK Colorful Realistic Plastic Aquatic Plants- Weighted Base, Life-like Movement- Perfect for Aquarium or Pond (75) $ 11.99. FREE shipping.

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Its height is perfect for most tank setups, as it can fill the aquarium up and give it a different look. 8. BEGONDIS 3-piece green aquarium plant. This artificial plant seems almost basic, but it looks natural, and its green color can make your aquarium look normal.

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The point is live plants are exactly that: Living things in your tank. As such they will have a special relationship with the fish that isn't possible with artificial plants. Where the fish in your tank take oxygen from the water and expel carbon dioxide, real plants do the opposite, taking up the carbon dioxide and exchanging it for oxygen.

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The 15 Best Artificial Plants For Your Aquariums Decorations 1. Smarlin Aquarium Plants Decoration, Artificial Plants for Fish Tank. If you need the best plants that will not poison the fish, this is what you get. The plant is built to be soft and non-toxic at the same time. Your fish will definitely be safe in the aquarium.

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This puts real plants in the lead when it comes to cost. If, however, you're just planning to add a few low maintenance plants, then you really just need fish poop and regular tank lights, which then puts artificial plants in the lead. Verdict: Low maintenance plants win in terms of cost-effectiveness, with artificial plants coming in second.

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4. Penn-Plax Betta Multi-Color Aquarium Plants. Get It Here. First on our list is something that's fun, colorful, and easy on your wallet. The Penn-Plax Betta Multi-Color Aquarium Plants include a mix of green, pink, and purple silk plants that add some flair to any freshwater tank.

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Our resident reef geek, Thomas, shows us how to create a natural looking aquarium using fake aquarium plants. Follow his simple formula, and you can't go wro.

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Silk plants are often a great choice because of their softer leaves which makes them great for more sensitive fish. The silk leaves won't scratch for fish like low quality plastic plants which typically makes them safer in the aquarium. Typically, silk aquarium plants have metal wire within which are coated in plastic for flexibility.

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With fake plants, your aquascape choices are unending. You can put any sort or size of plants anyplace you want in your aquarium. Your choice is restricted exclusively by your creative mind. Simple to introduce: Rinse and absorb warm water for 15-30 minutes to loosen the texture and give them a more realistic look.

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They will not decay and foul the tank. Granted, they will also not contribute to the habitat in the way live plants do, but they are an excellent option - especially for the beginner. Artificial plants are also an ideal choice for fish that are prone to uproot or eat live plants. Pros. Does not affects O2 levels.

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Live plants for betta fish tanks can add oxygen to the water and reduce harmful ammonia and nitrate levels which can stress or even kill your betta. Like fake plants, they provide hiding and resting spaces and can keep betta fish from getting bored. Boredom can lead to fin biting and other unwanted side effects.

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At Modern Aquarium, we carry just as many artificial aquarium plants as we do real ones! Browse our huge selection of fake aquarium plants today! Shop now. Free Shipping on orders over $79.99. Toggle menu. 917-231-5956; Gift Certificates; Search. Search.

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