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Chinese fringe flower, also known as Chinese witch hazel, loropetalum, and strap flower, is native to foothill areas of China and Japan growing along stream edges, thickets, and open woodlands.. Ever Red. Eye-catching to the max, Ever Red® ('Chang Nian Hong') is a mid-sized shrub with prolific raspberry red flowers and deep burgundy.

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After planting proper Chinese witch hazel, care for the plant will be limited, but it should include light pruning. Depending upon its location, a witch hazel plant is commonly trimmed and trained in order to attain the desired plant shape. Trimming should be done in spring after the shrubs have finished blooming.

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Chinese witch-hazel grows 10 to 15 feet high and wide and has a rounded form at maturity. Native geographic location and habitat: Native to central China.. This cultivar has yellow flowers with red coloring at the base of the petals. Leaves tend to persist in winter. Upright in form, this is considered a hybrid between Chinese witch-hazel.

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This new variety of Chinese Witch Hazel benefits from bright red spidery flowers appearing from late winter to early spring, shown off against extremely dark burgundy foliage.. For something different and dazzling Ever Red is the perfect choice, be it in a mixed shrub border or as a specimen in a large planter. It will do best in a partially.

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Other Species Names: Chinese Fringe Flower, Chinese Witch Hazel. Plant Height: 72 in. Spread: 72 in. Evergreen: Yes. Plant Form: arching. Emergent Foliage Color: dark red.. Ever Red Fringeflower will grow to be about 6 feet tall at maturity, with a spread of 6 feet. It has a low canopy, and is suitable for planting under power lines.

Chinese Witch Hazel (Loropetalum chinense var. rubrum)

May 31, 2023August 2, 2023 - by YouGarden. Loropetalum 'EverRed' Chinese Witch Hazel. Our founder Peter first saw this Loropetalum when his visited a nursery in Holland. He noted that it's burgundy foliage drew his eye like no other plant did! This experience demonstrated to him the true impact a Chinese Witch Hazel plant can have, and we.

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Part of the Ever Series® of Loropetalum. Vivid, deep red flowers combine with extremely dark burgundy foliage to create a stunning, compact shrub. An exceptional foundation plant or accent specimen. Use to create high contrast effects in beds and borders. Evergreen. Light: Full sun, Partial sun : Watering: Water when top 3 inches of soil is.

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Head gardener at YouGarden, Peter McDermott explains how he fell in love with Loropetalum Chinese Witch Hazel - Easy RedEasy to grow and hardy to -5, Lorope.

Loropetalum chinensis Ever Red (Chang Nian Hong) Chinese Witch Hazel

Other Names: Chinese Fringe Flower, Chinese Witch Hazel Group/Class: Gardeners Confidence Description: Gracefully layered branches covered with deep red spider flowers in spring and repeats throughout the year; rich dark burgundy foliage retains its color all year; part-shade is best; needs regular watering, especially in midsummer heat

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Noted for its attractive foliage and brightly colored flowers, Loropetalum chinense 'Ever Red' (Chinese Fringe Flower) is a bushy evergreen shrub of neat, compact habit with dark burgundy leaves that retain their rich color throughout summer. In late winter to early spring, it produces abundant clusters of deep, vivid red, spidery flowers, each with narrow, twisted, inch-long petals.

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L. chinense var. rubrum, a variety with reddish-purple leaves and pink to red flowers; L. chinense var. rubrum 'Burgundy' , a cultivar with reddish-purple leaves and pink flowers; L. chinense 'Pizazz', a trademarked cultivar with burgundy foliage and pink flowers; L. chinense 'Carolina Moonlight', a large shrub with glossy, dark burgundy leaves and fuchsia-colored flowers

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Loropetalum. chinense. Ever Red. An evergreen shrub to around 1.5m high, with a spreading habit and oval-shaped, dark reddish-purple leaves. Scented, tassel-like red flowers with long narrow petals are produced in late winter and early spring.

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Also known as Chinese witch hazel or Chinese fringe flower, loropetalum puts on a beautiful show in spring with small, frilly flowers, typically pink. Despite being native to China,. 'Ever Red™' has dark burgundy foliage and the reddest flowers of Loropetalum chinese var. rubrum. This particular cultivar will reach about 6 feet in height.

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L. chinense 'Pizazz': grows 6 to 8 feet tall and wide, and features lovely plum-colored flowers with dark purple leaves.; L. chinense 'Burgundy': grows up to 10 feet and offers pink blooms with reddish-purple leaves that become greenish-purple in the summer, then bright red in autumn.; L. chinense 'Ruby': averages 4 feet in height and width with hot pink flowers and ruby-red foliage, plus it's.

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Chinese Witch Hazel' (Loropetalum Ever Red ) is a real rarity yet is easy to grow and 'power-packed' year round interest. The new leaves unfurl a gorgeous reddish purple colour and change to a deep, glossy shade of blackcurrant purple over Winter.. One of the very few evergreen shrubs around that is in fact everpurple!

Loropetalum chinensis Ever Red (Chang Nian Hong) Chinese Witch Hazel

Early spring is the best time to plant. Dig a hole slightly larger than the roots, take off the pot, and gently tease out any roots that are spiralling round the rootball. Put the plant in the hole so that the top of the rootball at soil level. Backfill with soil, firm well, and water thoroughly to settle soil round the roots.