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Thermal efficiency: the new revolution in windposts. The revolutionary Ancon Thermal Windpost (TWP2) is designed to span vertically between floors, to provide additional lateral support for panels of masonry. It has been specially designed and engineered after extensive research and testing, with a variety of features to improve the thermal.

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WPC Windposts are designed to fit within the cavity, normally 75mm and above and used where wind load conditions are moderate. WPS Windposts are designed as 'Spine' Posts and usually fit within internal blockwork walls. All products can be specified for fixing to concrete, timber or structural steelwork. All Windposts are tied to the.

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Contact us. Windposts span vertically between floors to provide additional lateral support for large panels of brickwork or large panels with openings. Contact. Mon - Fri: 8.00am 6.00pm. 45 Bayton Rd, Exhall, Coventry CV7 9EF. +44 24 7670 9111. [email protected].

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This is because cavity wall sizes change with various cavity sizes, inner and outer leaf widths. Typical walls can be anything from 250mm overall (100mm inner leaf, 50mm cavity, 100mm outer leaf) to 405mm. In addition, the position of the windpost within the cavity can sometimes be central or more towards one side (often closer to the inner leaf).

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Wind posts are typically fixed to a wall via a series of wall ties that are placed at every other bed course within the masonry. The ties are post-fixed to the wind post as the wall is constructed to allow for vertical tolerances. The fixing method must take into consideration the anti-corrosion methods applied to the windpost.

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The same can also apply to cavity walls, where both skins are incapable of resisting lateral loads. The element that provides this support to masonry panels is a vertical prop known as a 'windpost'. Its principal role is to provide lateral support against destabilising horizontal forces that typically originate from wind pressure - hence.

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The following clause can be adapted for your bill of quantities to aid the specification of Ancon Windposts and Parapet Posts. Ancon Windposts WP3 65 x 60 x 4 in grade 1.4301 (304) stainless steel, overall length 2750mm complete with all ties and end connections. Fixed with Ancon FBNll 12/50 Expansion Bolts.

Cavity Wall Insulation Grants

Leviat's Ancon Thermal Windpost is designed to add thermally efficient lateral support to cavity walls where wind loads are high or the span between primary structural members is large. Building materials manufacturer Leviat has designed a thermally efficient windpost to minimise thermal bridging in cavity walls. The move comes as UK.

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Applications Windposts are versatile and can be found in a range of applications, including: Large buildings: In skyscrapers or large commercial complexes, where wind loads can be especially high. Bridges: Providing stability against both wind and dynamic loads from traffic. Cavity walls: Offering reinforcement and preventing the walls from bowing outwards due to lateral pressure.

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Windposts in walls are used when conducting masonry walls in order to increase the strength and lateral stability of the structure and protect your masonry panelling against any horizontal forces such as wind pressure, crowd, or handrail loads. With cavity walls, you usually fix wind posts in the inner and outer wall leaves.

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The cavity will be wider than a standard cavity wall to allow for the high levels of insulation. Wall ties are thermal bridges and therefore specialist low thermal conductivity wall ties will need to be used to reduce thermal bridging. The air barrier is formed using a wet plaster parge coat. This means that the junctions between walls, doors.

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While BS 5628 (cl32.1) & EuroCode 6 (cl both dictate that in a cavity wall, provided the continuous leaf is the same or thicker than the discontinuous leaf, you can assume both leafs to be continuous. In MasterSeries Masonry Design, you have the full control to manually make the wind post discontinuous. About MasterSeries Masonry Design

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LP Wind post by Keystone Lintels. Description. The LP Wind post is designed to be built into the inner skin of the cavity wall and will normally span between floor structures. The LP Wind post is designed to suit a range of loading conditions.

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The U wind post is installed within the cavity and will normally span between floor structures, with the same principle applying to the DU Windpost. Both designs leave the inner leaf of the cavity wall undisturbed. The LP Windpost is designed to be built into the inner skin of the cavity wall and normally span between floor structures. U Windpost.

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Ancon Windposts are designed to span vertically between floors to provide lateral support for panels of brickwork. Windposts can be installed into either the inner leaf of blockwork or into the cavity leaving the blockwork undisturbed. They are designed to suit specific applications and are supplied complete with end connections and ties. They.

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BB = Double post Wincro Windposts are designed and manufactured to suit each individual project and we recommend the use of our Windpost Design Sheet to collate all necessary information. Complete and fax back to our Technical Design team on 0114 244 4073.