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Begonia 'Sterling Moon' plug. £ 10.00. The first in a series of brand new stunning cold hardy Begonias. Begonia 'Sterling Moon' has large palmate-shaped leaves that are patterned with silver and green flecking, perfect for illuminating shady spots in garden borders. The leaf underside is a rich coppery-maroon colour.

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Choose this Mix for a Multi-Coloured Display!These Trailing Begonia Plug Plants come in a fantastic array of colours, in dazzling shades of red, yellow, pink and white. With a true cascading habit, they will look absolutely stunning flowing over the sides of your hanging baskets, containers or window boxes all Summer long.

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Begonia semperflorens 40 plug plants . Home; Bedding plugs. £6.99 ADD TO CART. Everyear these bedding begonias are getting more popular with fantastic garden performance and a long lasting flowering period. Excellent colour range containing red, pink, rose, white, flowers. Good weather resistance. Ideal for bedding borders, hanging baskets.

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The fully double flowers of Begonia 'Nonstop Mixed' come in a boisterous range of shades, that jostle for attention in containers, beds and borders. With weather resistant blooms, these long lasting tuberous begonias will keep flowering well into autumn - long after most summer flowering plants have faded. Height and spread: 30cm (12").

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The Begonia could possibly be the UK's most favourite summer flowering plant for containers, borders and baskets. Trailing Begonia's will billow from your baskets and containers from late May through to October and then there are the upright varieties where they shine like jewels alongside pathways and at the front of borders.

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100 Begonia Sparkle (Trailing) Plug Plants + 70 FREE; Zinnia Double Zest 12 Mega Plants; Begonia Sparkle 200 Plants + 80 FREE (4th Delivery Period) Begonia Sparkle (Trailing) 50 Ready Plants + 20 FREE. watering satisfying tasteElsanta has been the most popular strawberry variety for top quality fruit production in the UK for many years.

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Our award-winning UK-grown maxi plug plants are supplied in robust trays of 33 or 66, arriving to you nursery fresh. These plugs are despatched from late March/April. #grownbyyou @jparkersbulbs. Begonia non-stop flower prolifically throughout the summer months, perfect for patio pots and containers or window boxes. Shop UK grown plug plants here.

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This spectacular Begonia will produce showy double blooms in a vivid mix of colours that will last for over six months from May through to November. Happy to grow in both sunny and shady areas of your garden, they will look perfect when planted in your beds, borders, pots, and container. Delivered as a pack of 60 pro+ plug plants, ready to grow.

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Once ready to plant, space approx. 6" (15cm) apart to give them room to fully grow and not be overcrowded. Take care not to over water begonias, as this will cause new begonia flowers buds to drop. ***For packs of 40 plug plants gently remove the small plugs from the tray by pushing up from the bottom using a pencil. From 10p per plant.

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Each plug plant measures at 10-15cm in height and 5cm in width, supplied in trays of 30 and trays of 60. Our customers are loving these plants! Our Begonia Non-Stop Mixed Garden Ready Collection is perfect for creating striking displays within borders or pots instantly. UK-grown plug plants supplied.

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Begonia Fragrant Falls Outdoor Summer Flowering Jumbo Plug Plants, Scented Hanging Baskets, Gardens & Patios, 8 x Begonia Fragrant Falls Apricot Delight Jumbo Plug Plants by Thompson & Morgan (8) 29. £2199 (£2.75/count) FREE delivery Wed, 1 May. Add to basket.

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Marshalls 'Begonia Selection' - 12 Super Plugs. £25.98. View. 1 2 > >>. Begonias are fantastic to plant in pots, beds, or have them cascading from hanging baskets. With our range of begonias we have varieties that are suitable for shady and sunny positions. But yours online today.

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Begonia Plants. Begonias are flamboyant in flower and regular inhabitants of borders, hanging baskets and pots. You'll find a wide range of varieties and colours here to suit almost any planting scheme. Buy begonia plug plants for fabulous value and long-lasting vibrant blooms. Some begonia plants are also admired for their foliage and grown as.

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Supplied as. Items 1 - 48 of 65. Begonia Organdy Mixed Tray of 40 Plug Plants. £5.00 Was £9.99. Buy Now. Begonia Illumination Mixed (Trailing) Tray of 20 Plug Plants. £11.99. Buy Now. Begonia Non Stop Mixed Tray of 20 Plug Plants.

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Begonia mini-plugs. We stock a selection of Begonia Semperflorens mini-plugs. Our Emperor range have glossy green leaves, our Senator range has bronze leaves. Begonia Semperflorens are ideal for planting in patio containers or garden beds and borders. Begonias prefer a shady position so they are perfect for adding colour to shady areas of the.