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Enjoy the mesmerizing performance of jan garbarek with keith jarrett spiral dance, a jazz masterpiece recorded live in hannover 1976. Watch the legendary duo of saxophonist and pianist create a.

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Keith JarrettPersonal Mountains Keith Jarrett piano, percussionJan Garbarek tenor and soprano saxophonesPalle Danielsson bassJon Christensen drumsRecorded in concert, April 1979, TokyoEngineer: Jan Erik KongshaugProduced by Manfred Eicher Despite being recorded in 1979, it would be a full decade before this jewel of a live recording from Keith Jarrett's unparalleled European quartet (with.

Keith Jarrett; Jan Garbarek; Palle Danielsson; Jon Christensen, Belonging in HighResolution

Spine: ECM 1049 Luminessence Keith Jarrett Jan Garbarek Labels: ECM 1049 - 2310 397 Runouts are stamped, except the X's. Barcode and Other Identifiers. Rights Society: BMIPressing Plant ID (Labels): CPMatrix / Runout (Side A label): ECM 1049 A CP

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Keith Jarrett and Jan Garbarek's Luminessence is firmly among this second category of with-strings projects. Garbarek, playing tenor and soprano saxophones, is supported by the strings of the Suedfunk Symphony Orchestra conducted by Mladen Gutesha. Jarrett does not perform on the recording, but the compositions and arrangements are his.

Keith Jarrett & Jan Garbarek Luminessence 1st STERLING ORIG 1975 ECM LP 1049 ST eBay Vinyl

LP from the "Luminessence" Series. Mysterious, dramatic and alluring, Luminessence comes from a peak period in the creative association between Keith Jarrett and Jan Garbarek, recorded in 1974, immediately after their vibrant Belonging album. Here, Jarrett creates shimmering orchestral frameworks to spur Garbarek to some of his most concentrated, impassioned and expressive playing. "The […]

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Belonging is a studio album by American jazz pianist Keith Jarrett, recorded over two days in April 1974 and released on ECM later that year—the debut of Jarrett's "European Quartet", featuring saxophonist Jan Garbarek and rhythm section Palle Danielsson and Jon Christensen. Because Jarrett's contract with ABC/Impulse! prevented him from performing with the quartet under his own name, the.

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LP, Album. Nude Ants (Live At The Village Vanguard) Keith Jarrett. Released. 1980 — Germany. Vinyl —. LP, Album. Explore the tracklist, credits, statistics, and more for Luminessence by Keith Jarrett / Jan Garbarek. Compare versions and buy on Discogs.

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Music by Keith Jarrett & Jan Garbarek ~ Country (from the Album My Song). Paintings by Natasha Wescoat

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Listen to Belonging by Keith Jarrett, Jan Garbarek, Palle Danielsson & Jon Christensen on Apple Music. 1974. 6 Songs. Duration: 46 minutes.. More By Keith Jarrett . The Köln Concert (Live) 1975. The Melody At Night, With You. 1999. J.S. Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier Book 1, BWV 846 - 869. 1988. Arvo Pärt: Tabula Rasa.

Belonging by Jan Garbarek / Keith Jarrett, LP with airwaytovesten Ref115529037

Arbour Zena |42'02|00:00:29 Solara March II (Dedicaded to Pablo Casals) (8'23)00:08:52 Runes (Dedicaded to the Unknown) (19'40)00:28:32 Solara March I (Dedic.

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Luminessence: Music for String Orchestra and Saxophone is an album composed by American pianist Keith Jarrett featuring saxophonist Jan Garbarek and the Südfunk-Sinfonieorchester conducted by Mladen Gutesha, recorded in April 1974 and released on ECM the following year—Jarrett does not perform on this album. The title is a portmanteau of "luminescence" and "essence".

Keith Jarrett / Jan Garbarek Luminessence (CD) Discogs

With Palle Danielsson (bass) and Jon Christensen (drums). From NRK Studio in Oslo in 1974. Recorded in the days they were recording "Belonging" in Rainbow St.

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The Celestial Hawk. (1980) Arbour Zena is an orchestral work composed by American jazz pianist Keith Jarrett which was recorded in October 1975 and released by ECM the following year. The trio features saxophonist Jan Garbarek and bassist Charlie Haden backed by members of the Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Mladen Gutesha [ de.

Keith Jarrett; Jan Garbarek; Palle Danielsson; Jon Christensen, My Song in HighResolution Audio

In the aftermath, Garbarek released a series of collaborative dates including Red Lanta with Art Lande, Luminescence and Arbour Zena with Jarrett, and Solstice and Solstice/Sound and Shadows with Ralph Towner. The Stenson-Garbarek quartet delivered their follow-up, Dansere, in 1976. In 1977, Dis appeared.


Strings of the Südfunk Symphony Orchestra and Stuttgart Orchestra under the direction of Mladen Gutesha. Mysterious, dramatic and seductive, Luminessence, recorded in 1974, just after the dazzling album Belonging, belongs to the most creative period of the association between Keith Jarrett and Jan Garbarek.

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Jan Garbarek's melodic and tasteful saxophone style was the primary foil to the piano in this group. While he could warmly trade solos rooted in folk or blues, he could just as easily add patient slow backing lines to offset Jarrett's pretty balladry instead. Belonging presents all these emotional shades in an unusually warm and bright.