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You're a bit of an underdog and no one takes you seriously, but you more than prove you're capable, strong and smart. The Hunger Games | Lionsgate Films | Gary Ross | Nina Jacobson, Jon Kilik District 11

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What Hunger Games District Am I? Quiz. Take this quiz to know which district do you belong to in the hunger games. Let's start over. The Hunger Games is a dystopian novel series by Suzanne Collins that takes place in the fictional country of Panem, which is located in what used to be North America. In this world, the country of Panem is divided into 12 districts, each of which has.

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Location. District 12 sprawls across the Appalachian mountains of North and South Carolina. In the Hunger Games map, this district is located on the east coast of Panem. It is bordered by three other districts - 6,8 and 13 on one side and the woods on the other. These woods are the forested regions of North Carolina's Big Ivy Area in real life.

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This captivating quiz transports you into the dystopian world of Panem, where you'll discover your place among the 12 different unique districts. Each district in the Hunger Games universe has its specialty, from technology to agriculture, and this quiz analyzes your interests, values, and skills to match you with the perfect one.

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Right below the Capitol is District 2 (mainly Colorado and parts of New Mexico and Texas) with District 1 (Wyoming and Utah) above it. It is also bordered by District 9, one of the largest districts, as it encompasses both the Dakotas and Nebraska. The map of Panem in The Hunger Games is much smaller than America's, likely due to areas.

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The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games series was set in the fictional world of Panem, a nation compromised of 13 districts. Article written by Neesha Thunga K. B.A. in English Literature, and M.A. in English Language and Literature. The nation of Panem consists of 13 outlying districts, each of which specializes in a particular industry.

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If you've ever read The Hunger Games, you can't deny that you've spent time thinking about which District you would represent in the titular competition.Even if you never really thought about the competition itself (which, we mean, we don't blame you), it was almost impossible to read the books without putting yourself in their shoes!

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Here's what each district was known for. Summary. The Hunger Games districts in Panem each have a unique role in sustaining the post-apocalyptic nation's economy and are controlled by an authoritarian dictatorship. The Districts all had specific industries, such as luxury items, masonry, technology, fishing, power, transportation, lumber.

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District Do You Belong In? If you lived in the world of the Hunger Games, would you be best suited in the glamorous world of the Capitol? Would you thrive with Katniss in District 12? Or would you.

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District 6: While we see the train in The Hunger Games movies pass through all of the districts on the way to The Capitol, District 6 is the main transportation district of the country. It's made up of Michigan, Wisconsin, and part of Canada. District 5: In Panem, no district can survive without the others.

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With The Hunger Games: Catching Fire due in theaters on Friday, November 22, Fandango teamed up with TheFandom.net to devise a personality quiz that'll let you know which Panem district you're best suited for. Simply click on the sample card below, answer all 10 questions, and then your Hunger Games home-district destiny will be revealed!

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As fans know, The Hunger Games takes place in a fictional country called Panem, which was established in North America after nuclear war and natural disasters devastated the continent. It is comprised of 12 districts and a Capitol city, whose elite rule over the entire nation. There's also a secret thirteenth district that went underground.


District 2 is another Career district in The Hunger Games that provides Katniss with some of her deadliest foes. Officially, District 2's industry is stonecutting and masonry. District 2's citizens are responsible for the materials that build and maintain Panem's cities. However, District 2 has another, more pressing industry.

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In The Hunger Games, each of the 12 districts of Panem has a unique industry, which in turn shapes the culture and lifestyle of that particular district. Lionsgate.

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Lionsgate. District 13 is the most secretive of Panem's districts. They are the only district to have never taken part in the Hunger Games. Once publicly known for graphite mining, District 13's.

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Have you ever wondered how you'd do if you were a tribute in the Hunger Games? Well, now is your chance to find out. See how you do, and at the end we'll tell you which District you'd be from if.