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The TWMVC is always welcoming new members from the GTA and surrounding regions. Over 70% of our choir come from outside the Welsh community. Our ranks have members from all nationalities and walks of life who love to sing and be a part of something that brings joy to others. We invite you to come and spend an evening with us!

Monthly Open Rehearsal Nights

The following rehearsals have been designated as OPEN REHEARSAL NIGHTS. Please join us and be inspired by our singers, the music and the camaraderie – plus its a fun night out with the guys!

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018
Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

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New members receive a warm Welsh Croeso (Welcome).

“Ride the Chariot” from our “Ty ar y Mynydd” CD which can be purchased using Paypal on our Buy Our CDs page.


choir rehearsal Sot 13May2105

Rehearsal at Dewi Sant Welsh United Church 13May15

Your Committment: Choir members are asked to attend a minimum of 75% of all rehearsals and concerts within a 4-month period and must attend 2 out of 3 rehearsals prior to a scheduled concert engagement in order to perform on stage. As we are a volunteer organization, this fairly allows singing members to accommodate personal and work commitments outside of the choir and also insures that the choir maintains strict performance standards and professionalism for our concert engagements. The choir performance dress code is black tux (with seasonal black or red bowtie and cumberbund) and a custom green jacket with emblem which can be purchased locally (and black pants).

“I often come to choir tired and leave feeling rejuvenated. I love the musical workout and the friendships that I have made over the years.” Ed Golem, Member since 2000


Weekly Rehearsals: Rehearsals take place on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm at Dewi Sant Welsh United Church, 33 Melrose Avenue in Downtown Toronto (3 blocks north of Yonge Street and Lawrence Avenue). A google map can also be found here for directions.

“Singing with the TWMVC provides some wonderful opportunities. The most memorable for me was performing at Carnegie Hall in September 2008 with 425 other men on-stage. The first note from the 90 or so basses standing behind me left me thunder-struck! The thrill of performing with these guys provides the same buzz and adrenaline rush as wind-surfing or riding my motor-cycle and the friendships developed make the Choir an unbeatable combination.” Peter Andrews, Member since 2002


How Big Is The Choir: Our choir averages 40-50 volunteer singing members, and we engage an Artistic Director and Accompanist. Our Board of Directors is made up of 10 volunteer positions that draws from our members and we are very fortunate to have a group of active supporters and spouses who assist at concerts and choir functions.

“Hearing and seeing the many ovations we get at our concerts brings great joy to the choir as a whole, and encourages everyone to push their talents forward. Improving our abilities to provide the audience with a great show is always our goal!!”
Al Sadegursky, Member since 2009


Summer Hiatus: The choir takes a Summer break from rehearsals and concerts starting at the end of June, and during the months of July and August each year. Rehearsals resume the first week in September.

“Seeing the smiling faces and hearing the applause and accolades after our concerts, I know we are reaching people and helping them forget their troubles through our music and joy of singing.” Glenn Hall, Member since 2011


Singing Styles: Only 1/3 of our repertoire is performed in Welsh. The other 2/3rds of music performed at concerts encompasses a variety of styles, tempos and languages. Don’t be concerned – With music in your soul, the Welsh language comes easy!.

“Rehearsals on Wednesday nights gives me something to look forward to every week (above and beyond the weekend)!” Jaryd Hunter, Member since 2013


Rehearsal Tools: Many of our chorists do not read music. The choir has a comprehensive library of rehearsal .mp3’s (recordings) to help you learn your notes and the harmonies for the tenor1, tenor2, baritone or bass sections. Rehearsals are designed to be fun and relaxed. There is always an opportunity to socialize at the local pub after rehearsal with some of the guys (for strictly medicinal reasons of course – pronouncing Welsh properly, especially if you are non-Welsh, can be extremely difficult on the vocal chords)…

“Having never been in a choir before, I was a little apprehensive going to my first rehearsal, but everyone was very welcoming, and within a few months I was hooked. Like many group activities, choral singing is a case of the sum being greater than the component parts, and I find it genuinely uplifting. As a member of the TWMVC you’re also helping to raise money for good causes, and playing an active part in Toronto’s diverse music scene.”
Huw Kerley, Member since 2012


Membership Fee: Members are asked to pay a small Annual membership fee to help offset the costs for music, hall rental and other miscellaneous expenses. Concert appearances, cd sales and donations round off our additional annual operating expenses.

“The TWMVC choir was the change I was looking for. We have fun, make a point of getting to know each other, and have concerts that entertain as well as give a high quality musical experience. We also listen to ideas from members, learn from other choirs and encourage local talent to participate in our concerts. We are a choir, a community and fun group of like minded guys.” Jim Osborne, Member since 2013.


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