Guidelines for Hosting A Concert

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The purpose of this guide is to assist concert organizers hold a successful event. It is by no means meant to be exhaustive.


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[ ] Contact the concert secretary Gord Yanchyshyn by email to obtain a quotation for your event. To start your email click here.
[ ] Discuss your concert requirements with the concert secretary (the employment of a soloist; the type of event planned so that choir can wear appropriate dress.
[ ] Confirm the event with choir secretary. (The choir requires a basic contract to be signed by the organization).

Some suggestions:
[ ] Produce a poster and post locally: Click Here to view/download a sample poster.
[ ] Write a pre-concert article: Click Here to view/download a sample pre-concert article. Distribute to local media.
[ ] Prepare a concert programme in sufficient numbers for the audience and choir: Click Here to view/download a sample concert program. .
[ ] Provide changing rooms/toilets for approx. 40-50 males and two females.
[ ] Provide a stage suitable for 40–50 choristers with easy access.
[ ] Provide a podium for the conductor to see all choir members plus soloist(s).
[ ] Provide a well tuned piano for the event.


[ ] Arrange access to the venue to allow for rehearsal at an agreed time before the performance.
[ ] Have on hand a person who knows how to adjust staging and lighting and knows the location of toilets etc.

Most concerts should not exceed 2 hours including speeches and ideally commence at 7.30pm for evening events. An interval of approx 15 minutes is normal with water available for the choir and maybe refreshments for the audience.
A draw for a special prize at the interval may be considered to raise funds from generous patrons.


An independent review written by an audience member (publicized locally) or photographs of the concert (e.g. by the local “Snap” organization) can further the aims of the concert organizer and help future events.
Part of the choir ethos is to enjoy post choir events, called “afterglow”. Assistance with finding a suitable pub venue is appreciated. The organizers are always warmly welcomed and encouraged to attend.


The choir requires settlement of fees in advance of a concert or (at the latest) on the day of the performance.

Post concert refreshments for the choir are welcome, particularly if we have traveled a great distance.

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