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About the TWMVC – Toronto Welsh Male Voice Choir

Isn’t it funny that our world is one of immense diversity and yet we perpetually seek to understand how we are all connected? 110
As the Toronto Welsh Male Voice Choir enters another adventurous and robust season of choral performance, we wish to share with you our mission and promise to venture out and explore our common ground – an appreciation for beautiful songs that lift the human spirit. We hope to make this idea a reality by partnering with you in venues that are more up close and personal – smaller and more intimate settings.


Our performance repertoire includes the simple message that what we have in common with one another far outweighs our differences. Our common ground is our humanity, and best expressed by what we at the TWMVC do best – support of choral traditions that have enriched the human experience through the ages.

Come and experience the sounds of the TWMVC as we assemble in concert halls throughout this city, province and nation, with the idea that we can always improve ourselves and our great world by searching for the common ground in one another.

We are privileged to offer you performances of traditional and newer repertoire, and we thank you for your continuing partnership in the success of this wonderful group of dedicated individuals.


TWMVC General Information

The TWMVC proudly draws on the great Welsh tradition of singing hymns and songs born of the mountains and valleys of Wales. It also emphasizes in its ever increasing repertoire: spirituals; operatic arias; North American folk songs; as well as Broadway show tunes – a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary music.

Take a moment from your busy day and experience what the TWMVC world is all about by perusing the site, listening to us sing, viewing our photo gallery and meeting our choir members.

You can even support the choir by purchasing our newest CD ‘Live at the Glenn Gould Studio” for delivery in Canada or internationally by clicking this link.

If you are a male singer (and you don’t have to be Welsh) who has always wanted to sing in an all men’s choir or rekindle your singing spirit from the past, why not drop in on one of our Wednesday night rehearsals.

We hope that you will like what you see (and hear) and become one of our regular choristers.

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